Why Cold Brew over Iced Tea

Today we'd like to share with all of our amazing tea lovers the differences between a standard iced tea and a cold brew.  As we begin heading into some of the hottest months of the summer, we thought it would be great to go over why you may prefer to make a cold brew over a quick cup of iced tea.


While brewing tea the traditional way and pouring it over ice is quick and convenient, many don't know that by doing this a few things can occur

  1.  The  tea looses nutritional value when leaves are boiled making it less desirable to those seeking its benefits
  2.  The ice used to cool it can dilute the tea causing it to lose a lot of its flavors

When cold brewing, we recommend using a large one gallon pitcher with a tea infuser for families and friends to enjoy or one of our handy steeper thermo bottles for quick and on the go use.  Per 16oz we usually recommend adding 2 to 3 scoops of selected tea leaf.  Pour cold or room temperature water over the leaves (make sure leaves are fully submerged).  Refrigerate for 12 to 18 hours and you'll be ready for your delightful and refreshing cup or cups of tea.

Cold Brewing though not the quickest, is the best way to make iced tea for a few reasons

  1.  It keeps all the nutritional value of the leaves
  2.  Because the water is able to sit and absorb the flavors from the leaves for such an extended period of time the flavors become much more robust

We hope by diving into this article that it'll help you brew up something magical!

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