Farm to Kitchen

We'd like to discuss in this blog an important topic that doesn't get talked about to much.  With larger companies and corporations continuing to grow, do we ever sit back and ask, how are they getting so much product? Do grocery stores deal directly with the farmers?  Do retailers work directly with small business?  The process for getting foods, beverages and accessories into the consumers hands is often a juggling performance put on by the larger companies.  They purchase from X who purchases from Y who then purchases from Z.  So the question is, how many people touched your product before it got into your hands?  How fresh is that product?  These are all great questions that many larger companies don't want to talk about.  Here at TranquiliTEA Steeping Company, we believe in a farm to kitchen service.  We work directly with a few select and amazing farms around the world who sends the product direct from the farm to your kitchen cabinet.  We believe in the freshness and best experience possible for our customers, rather than buying bulk from mass producing farming industries like others before us.  We wanted a more intimate experience for you our customer, one you could get excited about.  Working with smaller and organic farms allows us to do just that.  Providing a product that doesn't just invigorate the senses but brings healthy benefits and joy to you and your family.  We hope by purchasing with us, you enjoy the quality and assurance that comes with it.

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