Cranberry Cider

Cranberry Cider

This season, roll into the holidays with a little extra cheer as you sip some cranberry cider, cozied up with a nice blanket and your favorite holiday movie! Our limited time cranberry cider has returned due to popular demand, and we wanted to share some ways to enjoy it with family and friends this holiday season.

When enjoying just a cup of tea for yourself you have to put next to no thought into preparation, but when preparing for family or friends it is important to have the right tools for the job to make life easier. We like to prepare our loose-leaf tea two ways when making it in bigger batches. First, you need a teapot with an infuser basket (hot tea) or a tea pitcher with an infuser (cold tea). You will find some examples at the bottom of the page. 

When brewing a hot pot of tea, it typically makes 4 cups of tea. Add 5 teaspoons of loose leaf and steep your cranberry cider for 5 minutes. Remove the steeper basket, then mix this with four teaspoons of organic cane sugar and you’ll have a warm cup of holiday cheer to share! If you would like to keep your teapot warm, cover it with a tea cozy.

When making the Cranberry cider cold, we find it best to cold brew it. The easiest way to cold brew your tea is to infuse it overnight in a cold brew pitcher. Start by putting 16 scoops of tea in a 2.7 size quart pitcher and place it in the refrigerator before bed and it will be working overnight for you (usually leave for 12 hours). Once done, make an organic cane sugar simple syrup to add to this. We use a ½ a cup for this size pitcher, but you can adjust to your taste. We sweeten it just a bit to take away some of the tartness from the cranberry and hibiscus. See simple syrup recipe below. 

Simple Syrup recipe:
take a ½ cup of boiling water
add a ½ cup of organic cane sugar
stir until dissolved and let cool, then add to your pitcher of tea!
Voilà, now you are prepared to bring that cup of holiday cheer to family and friends!  


We have included some links to amazon searches for items mentioned above. 


Cold Brew Pitcher


Glass Tea Pot


Christmas Tea Cozy


From our family to yours we wish you a warm and enjoyable time with those you hold dearest during this holiday season! 

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